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About Us

Godwit Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery based in NJ.  By controlling the entire coffee pipeline, from curating the best beans, to small batch roasting, to being served by our skilled baristas, we can ensure that you aren't just drinking a cup of coffee, you are having a unique experience.

Our Mission

Our mascot is the godwit bird because it is a bird on a mission, regularly traveling more than 7000 miles non-stop.  This is reminiscent of the missionaries that we support.  We also support organizations that help provide for the needy, rescue the trafficked, help those displaced by disasters, and much more 


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Godwit Coffee is committed to roasting only high quality specialty coffee that exhibits a more flavorful and aromatic experience for our customers.  



Each roast is meticulously tasted in our lab over multiple days to ensure that each origin or blend is expressing the desired natural flavor notes and aroma.  This also helps us check and maintain the ongoing quality of our roast recipes.

Whole Bean

Barista Making Drip Coffee

After coffee is ground, it immediately starts to lose its freshness. For this reason, we only sell whole bean, and we encourage our customers to grind right before brewing to maximize the inherent flavor and experience.

Stop by our first mobile cafe in NJ

Come try our signature roasts brewed by our baristas and pick up a bag of coffee beans to bring home

1961 Raritan Road, Scotch Plains NJ

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