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  • Shipping?
    Yes, we can now ship nationally. Free shipping on orders $49 or more.
  • When do you roast?
    We roast to order and deliver to your door when ready to brew
  • Specialty & fair trade?
    Yes, we always strive to focus on higher quality, specialty or fair trade coffee.
  • Why whole bean only and not ground?
    Ground coffee goes stale quickly and we want to preserve the beauty in each bean for your cup. By grinding right before brewing, you will experience enhanced flavors & aroma.
  • Can you brew right after roasting?
    Coffee beans need to rest and degas (release Co2) for a few days after roasting. Brewing immediately after roasting will result in under extrated and weak coffee.
  • Supporting missions?
    Our goal is to provide a healthy portion of our profits to missions and employ missionaries. We want to provide for the needy, rescue the trafficked, help those displaced by disasters, and much more.
  • Returns?
    We do not accept coffee returns at this time. However, if there is a problem with your coffee, please email us at so we can discuss and help resolve the issue.
  • Will you grind the coffee for me?
    We only deliver whole bean coffee and won't deliver ground coffee. If you want your coffee ground, you are welcome to come to our mobile cafe in NJ and we'll do it for you there.
  • Why the godwit bird as a mascot?
    Our mascot is the godwit bird because it is a bird on a mission, regularly traveling more than 7000 miles non-stop. ​
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